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Community Involvement

We believe in creating value and delivering positive impacts to those we chose to do business with and the community which we operate.

Clothing Drive

Every year, we hold a clothing drive to help benefit our local community.

Working with other New Hampshire businesses, we create a network of accessible drop-off donations for new and lightly used clothing donations- as well as footwear and personal hygiene items. We then launder and organize the clothes before bringing them to their new homes.


Our 2019 Clothing drive was our fourth annual where we raised 3,295lbs of clothing which positively impacted over an estimated 100 children and even more homeless veterans through our great state. 

Clothing Drive 2020 V2 Medicare.png


To be transparent about the clothing drive, how it started, and what happens to the clothes here Matthew J. Knee, the coordinator of this event has written this letter in the hopes that it answers to answer your questions.

Hello everyone, 

First, thank you to everyone who has responded to this even and an especially large thank you to those who have helped to support us bring value and deliver positive impacts to our community in each and everyway. 

Every year I coordinate with friends, clients, and other community minded people to help increase the impact that we can have. From the other local businesses that offer up their businesses to increase the accessibility for donations, to where we store the clothes, to the actual act of laundering each item of clothing that comes through the drive. This year, that last aspect is especially important due to Covid-19 and I ask that everyone who decides to donate, to please wrap your donations in a plastic bag so we may easily disinfect them and limit the exposure. 

While distributing the clothes, there really isn’t one specific charity that I coordinate with... I started this because I was upset that companies like Salvation Army and Goodwill have turned charity into a business and I believe that has had a negative impact to the original goal of uplifting those around us. 


As such, I have worked to make this whole project as complete and direct to source an actual charitable cause can be.

I do have a focus on three things

1) Benefactors in our local community

2) Homeless Veterans

3) Children facing adversity

For the kids:

I have friends who are teachers throughout the state and work directly with or know of children and families that need help. This network has been getting bigger every year – always looking for more people who can help out directly like this. I also work with Easter Seals to help the children that they’re working with. This year, I'm trying to connect with Mount Prospect Academy , which is a state sanctioned placement program (boarding and reform school) in Plymouth for kids who have problemed home lives.

For the homeless and the homeless veterans:

I coordinate with the Victory House in Manchester who assist homeless veterans. I do direct deliveries throughout the season to tent towns, soup kitchens, and try to keep a couple premade outfits in the car so give out as I’m cruising around doing my actual job.

I hope this helps you to understand my drive to better our community. 

! Please let me know if you have any further questions or know of another outlet that could either benefit from us or benefit us by responding to the contact us now page on our website or by liking us on Facebook and sending us a message


Matthew J. Knee

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Granite State Independent Living


The GSIL is an amazing 501(c)(3) non-profit that we are proud to partner with for the past three years. Their efforts to create positive impacts on the disabled and the elderly throughout New Hampshire go so much farther than that. By actively participating in lobbying progressive legislation at the national level, they create unmeasured value and create immense positive impacts across the entire United States of America. Each day this organization works hard to promote quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and seniors through advocacy, information, education, support, and transition services. 

Click the logo to learn more about this organization and how you can help.


CHS Legacy Foundation


The CHS Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit and volunteer organization in the educational sector. New Hampshire Financial Services LLC’s Founder, Matthew Knee, is the founding president of this organization. 

CHS Legacy Foundations mission is to raise charitable contributions to dole out merit-based scholarships to the diverse, qualified, and ambitious students that we have in our community. 

The charitable donations for these scholarships are raised each year through their annual charity golf tournament. 

Click the logo to learn more about this organization and how you can help.

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