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Retirement Income 


Retirement Runs


Recreated Income

For your entire life you’ve been receiving a paycheck from your work. Retirement is the time to recreate that for a lifetime of retirement. 


No matter the situation we want you to be able to answer the question "am I going to be okay?" with a confident 'yes'. 


Are your checks showing up every month? Yes. 

Did they cover all of your base expenses? Yes

Do you have enough liquid cash to cover 2 years of expenses? Yes.

Do you have healthcare? Yes.

Are you covered in case of a long-term care need? Yes. 

Income distribution planning is very different from wealth accumulation planning. We’ll help you look at your assets that are efficient wealth accumulators and help you turn them into vehicles that are efficient wealth distributors. 


We'll help you create the largest, safest, most tax efficient lifetime income plan possible using the assets you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating. 


Step one: recreate your base income or "the paycheck" To cover all your monthly needs.

  • Social security

  • Pension

  • Annuity


Step two: Handle healthcare needs

  • Medicare 

  • Long-term care

  • Income protection until retirement


Step three: creating efficient cash reserves

  • Cash value life insurance

  • Money markets

  • Savings


Step four: Your investment portfolio - Growth and Income

  • Dividend paying stocks and bonds

  • Option premium trading

  • Long-term growth positions


Step Five: Legacy Planning

  • Trusts

  • Wills 

  • Power of Attorney

  • Probate planning

  • Inheritance planning

  • Life Insurance



We'll Listen to Your Dreams

We'll Educate You on Your Possibilities

We Hope to Inspire You to Make it a Reality

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